17th Century Cavalry Displays and Re-enactments

Waller's Horse perform at events in the United Kingdom and abroad. We provide period-accurate displays of weapons and horsemanship. We also take part in parades, ceremonies, film and TV work, as well as promotional and corporate events.

Our displays not only include cavalry of the English Civil War, but also the Oxford Blues Regiment of the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685. In addition to our displays which can contain both or either of these elements, we also perform as part of larger shows with infantry, providing mounted and dismounted actions.

We can also provide authentic "living history", based on a 17th Century cavalry encampment. This is designed to be highly interactive, allowing the public to ask questions, meet the horses and see the weaponry and equipment used in the 17th Century.

Newstead Abbey, courtesy of John BeardsworthOur aims are to entertain and educate, whilst honouring the memory of the men, women and animals of this exciting, yet often brutal period of our country's history.


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